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Friday, May 14, 2004

I declare this journal open

The title of this blog refers to the following distiction between learning styles.

Single-loop learning is identified as "the ability to know what to do in a particular set of circumstances, or in response to specific triggers and stimuli." Individuals learn how they can do better, improving what they are currently doing. This may also be seen as learning at operational levels, or at the level of rules."

Double-loop learning is concerned with "why" in relation to what is being carried out. Lines of reasoning are added to the "what" approaches of single-loop learning so that, as well as learning new qualities and attributes, the "mental model" of reasoning, justification, evaluation and analysis is adjusted and developed also.

Sounds like A Good Thing, no?

Practically, this will be about academic teaching, e-learning and associated new media developments, and the application of emerging and existing tools to the management of innovative technology development.

Essentially, this is a discussion forum related to certain themes within my work.

Thanks to Richard Pettinger for summarising the two loops. Now buy his book.

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