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Thursday, May 27, 2004

no more e-learning.

I loathe the use of e-. e-marketing, e-governance, e-ducation. Its use seems to denote an immature reaction to the existence of new(ish) tools. I prefer the e-is-everywhere-get-on-with-it approach. On a parallel track, here is an industry columnist saying, rightly, that the days of the "IT Project" are over.

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Psybertron said...

Sorry off-topic ...
Aha, now I know which Matt .... Matt Wyndham.

I commented on your response on Lilia's Mathemagenic on trees and brains ...

The Brain I liked. Just didn't find it technologically suited to individual / amamteur use. Roll on PersonalBrain.

Longhorn and Yukon stuff from Microsoft is gradually making all this clasification stuff so much easier (We're going there in my day job). It's the power of XML to link tags. The Ontologies are simply "emergent", provided you have the right semantic framework - the actual information model can define itself (and evolve - re-define itself, learn, which is scary).


Ian Glendinning